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Message From The Publisher                                                       Deepa Calais, Publisher

Let’s                                                                         “There is a ‘Zing’
Celebrate Life                                                             in our walk and the
                                                                            way we enjoy life’s
Yes … We Have A ‘NEW AGE’ Mindset.
The past few years have seen significant changes in the way that
     Over 50s are seen in Australia and also the way that we see           “Planned decisions
     ourselves. Today’s over 50s, 60s, 70s and Seniors are starting to      with the benefit of
see themselves in a positive light with many constructive, energetic and   time tend to have a
joyful years ahead. There is a zing in our walk and the way we enjoy
life’s adventures. As we enter our 5th year of publication, it is good to     better outcome”
know that this Guidebook has had a part to play in this transformation
by providing encouragement to be active, social and adventurous. In        “Start the process
this issue we take a close look at what New Age Retirement has come        which will help you
to mean.
                                                                               make your own
Plan, Plan, Plan …                                                             choices and do
                                                                           things the way you
I have recently had the opportunity to speak with both Ken Wyatt the
Federal Minister for Aged Care and Coralee O’Rourke, the Queensland                     want to”
Minister for Seniors. I took the opportunity to share feedback on a
variety of issues concerning our readers such as transport, ACAT,
retirement village regulations and access to medical resources.

A common thread was that many important, life changing decisions
tend to be made by people right at the last moment or when they are
under great stress. Planned decisions with the benefit of time tend to
have a better outcome on so many fronts. You should take advantage
of breast screening and other screening programs, understand new
medical treatments, write a will, discuss retirement living options and
aged care with your partner and children or parent, long before you
are forced to make a choice after a medical emergency.

Start the process which will help you make your own choices and do
things the way you want to. So for instance, if downsizing and freeing
up your time and capital is on your personal agenda- check out the
options now, attend open days and so on. Do your homework about
all the choices you have. I’m not saying every aspect of life has to be
planned out step-by-step, but when you have the opportunity to think
and plan for a better quality and longer life, why not?

   Let’s Celebrate
   The Commonwealth Games!

     The excitement is growing! With this terrific event just around the
     corner, the face of the Gold Coast has had many improvements,
     thousands of volunteers are getting ready (including me and my
     kids) and it’s time to enjoy the sport and festivities and meet all
     those marvellous visitors to our city. Have a great time at the
     2018 Commonwealth Games. I’ve been lucky to get tickets to
     one of the major ceremonies - hope to see you there!
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