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The Principles of Service

If anyone would have told me, while I was in my teens, that I would one day own (start) a passenger ground transport business, I probably would’ve smiled at them.

As a young proud musician, any 9 to 5 work arrangement seemed odd and an outdated way of living.Nevertheless, when my time at high school ended and my mother pointed out friendly that she would appreciate if I would be starting to earn my own bread, an apprenticeship at Daimler Benz AG, better known in Australia as Mercedes Benz, was something that got offered to me and I took the plunge into the world of the working population.

Meeting all kinds of customers during that time, taught me how different every persons requirements and personalities are and that it is important to understand your customers needs, supporting them with attention and productive advice to help them get what they are looking for. Years later I joined my fathers business in the real estate maintenance industry, dealing with tenants in a multi tenancy building, as well as managing the ongoing upkeep of that place.

Different industry, different learning curve.

A lot of things I had learned prior though, were quite applicable and good service quickly created happy and satisfied people around me.

Let’s jump forward a bit.

In November 2000 my family and I migrated to Australia and I established a long dream I had for years. A commercial recording studio in Brisbane. The facility was built into an existing warehouse in Newstead and was acoustically, as well as visually what Brisbane was lacking. Many new types of people came to record their music and we even were part of an internationally aired animation series, called FARMKIDS.

Professionalism, punctuality, reliability and friendliness were required again and the studio ran well for 7 years, until access to cheaper technology gave musicians the opportunity to record most of their songs at their own time in their own space. So time to sell the studio and move on.

Arriving in the present.

After gaining a few wrinkles over the years and not suiting the X-Factor format anymore, I had to re-evaluate my situation. A short stint with a local limousine business showed me that there is a niche for limo van group transport with the needed attention to all the values I had learned by now and to be honest…
How many people including 2 or more pieces of luggage can someone fit into a Sedan?

That’s how my new venture “Chauffeur Me” was born and with integrity, loyalty, honesty and professionalism.

we offer:

•    Transfers to and from airports and cruise ship terminals
•    Tailor made sightseeing tours (for groups up to 7 people)
•    Corporate and private transfers
•    Event transfers (weddings, formals, concerts, casino, horse races)


anywhere you want to go.

Working together with my wife, who’s a travel agent, we can even plan and arrange your domestic and international holiday. That’s how far my life journey took me up to now.

Let “Chauffeur Me” help you with your journey, be it big or small,
governed by my “Principles of Service”.

rsz_chauffeurme_logo_cmyk_onwhite Call us toll free on: 1800 110 112

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