I have always had the courage to follow my heart. I imagine if there is a saying to complement that then it would go something like this. “my heart comes first and my brain comes second.” I am a typical Doer. I actively do things instead of just thinking about them. Once I have an idea and I get it underway, I don’t look back. It has never failed me.

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A family road trip idea was certainly nothing new to me. In fact it was my unintentional rite of passage that molded me into the family man I am today. I can still remember my father’s solemn words of advice that he tactically delivered to me that fateful day some twenty five years before. “You know while your still young enough. You should go and have a good look around.” So while many of my friends went overseas to glamorous destinations across Europe and Asia where they themselves undertook that rite of passage I stayed local, so to speak and set out interstate and across country. Looking back that experience taught me how to plan and be patient and the people I met encouraged me to foster and maintain relationships along the way.

So budgeting and logistics became the main focus of our discussions. Schooling for the boys was one main concern because we really did not want to stick to any firm itinerary. Naturally the internet led us to a solution on that matter and gradually we were able to find suitable alternatives for them. MONEY was another. My wife being a hair dresser was planning on making up fliers to distribute around caravan parks and to surrounding areas that we stayed while I had been investigating a option through a colleague at work trading Index Markets. Bill was an older gentleman nearing retirement whom lived in the same suburb and because of that we started carpooling two years ago. During the last few months we have been going directly to his place and I watched as these live alerts came through from the analysts department.

over50s market

I watched how easily he placed these trades through on his mobile phone or through a trading portal on his Laptop. I watched Bill trade and make Good Money. The best he returned as I explained to my wife from one nights of trading was $1500 and usually aimed towards making up to $3000 per week. What appealed to us the most was that as long as you had an internet connection you could make money no matter where you were.

Bill introduced us to the consultant he worked with and my wife and I eventually bought the business package some weeks later from Markets and You. It took us three weeks to be trained and get set up with our online broker. Customer care assisted with that simple process and even gave us $10000 in practice money to trade with.

After our initial incubation period we started trading with real money. $100 dollars per trade and achieving returns of up to $500 dollars per week. So as you can tell this Road Trip with my family was always going to happen now.

Raymond Greenwood
Member of Markets And You




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