Relax! Magnesium Relieves Restless Legs

Many people know today how effective magnesium is to relieve restless legs and cramps, but magnesium is also an antioxidant vital in energy metabolism, enzyme support, and co-factoring with other nutrients like vitamin D3, iron, potassium, zinc and calcium so they can work properly. It is used to make glutathione, an important detox enzyme. Magnesium is also important in the regulation of insulin and blood sugar. It is easily THE most important mineral in the body with the most functions.

Magnesium is lost during processing of foods and our soils have become mineral deficient because of intensive farming methods. We have plenty of cheap food, but are starved of quality nutrients. A high carbohydrate diet will further deplete magnesium, as it can take 29 to 58 magnesium molecules to metabolise one molecule of sugar

(Depending on type of sugar). An interesting observation is that the better the magnesium levels, the less the sugar cravings.

Magnesium is also lost during stress as it is used to recover and relax from the

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