May 31, 2020
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All-in-One Service for Seniors

There are companies that promise peace of mind with a team guiding you through the downsizing of your home and getting you on your retirement living path. Having assistance with the process is definitely a worthwhile service, but what is actually involved? We spoke to Inspired Outcomes who provide a Seniors Advocacy Service, to explain the process.

The Objective
According to Inspired Outcomes, when it comes to entering your retirement years, you are sure to have a lot of questions. While an array of businesses can help you, an all-in-one service should take it one step further, and guide you through the entire process.

As each step is very personal to your lifestyle and requirements, a comprehensive service begins with a consultation to ascertain the type of home desired, a visit to a number of resorts and villages, and submission of expression of interest.

Downsizing and Preparing for your New Home
The consultant will also help in the listing and selling of your home. This includes getting it market-ready, arranging valuations, and organizing a tradesperson if work is required.

Moving furniture and decorating can be a lot of work. Consultants carry the load for you, even going so far as to take photos of your home so they can arrange it in your new place just the way you like it. If a new-look is what you are after, consultants will also take you shopping!

Legalities and Paperwork
As with any new purchase or contract, there is plenty of paperwork to be completed. The consultant will arrange contents insurance for the new home, accompany you to Centrelink if you are eligible for rental assistance, get your electricity, gas, phone, etc., relocated, and mail redirected.

The basic objective of an all-in-one service, according is to give seniors and their family peace of mind and a hassle-free downsizing experience.

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