January 17, 2022
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Blinds: An Eye Opener in Home Renovation

GraberShuttersUSAWhether you are building or renovating, one of the final touches needed to add glamour to your home are your window coverings. However, picking a set can be difficult and the range to choose from is immense. Blinds, curtains, awnings, shutters, and all kinds of fabrics and colours to suit every single one. It can be quite the task, and knowing what you want is crucial. There are 5 questions to ask when looking at blinds.

  • Do I need Privacy?
  • Do I need to keep the heat out?
  • Do I need light control?
  • What is my budget?
  • What look do I want?

There are many different options to choose, from beautiful Custom Made Shutters, Roller Blinds, Romans, Panel Glides, Venetians and Curtains or a range of Ready Made Blinds. Knowing what you want, and knowing what you want your home to look like, is a great starting point. Find textures and colours that you feel go well in your home and compare them up against the window. Then consider how these things might influence the atmosphere, not just the aesthetic of the room.

Shutters are ideal for our Queensland climate with varied designs and construction methods they lend a feeling of coolness and lightness to any home from Queenslanders to 1920’s Bungalows or Contemporary Beach Houses, just about any property looks elegant with this simple clean shade solution., and a wide range of materials are available to suit every budget. The benefit of shutters offer easy clean, virtually maintenance-free, great airflow and privacy control.

Roller Blinds are one of the most easily customised window fashion with many choices of block out, light filtering in plains and textures or the very popular Sunscreens. Venetians have always been a popular cost-effective window covering giving good air and light control. Today’s Venetians are available in timber or composite materials in a range of colours in 50mm and 63mm wide slats and of course the 25mm aluminium.

Blinds-620x400If you prefer the look of curtains there are a huge range of blackout in plain and textures. For those who dare to be different, bold and soft patterns should be considered, as could sheer coverings and pops of colour.

With the many options available, blinds, awnings, and curtains are easy to come by. The same cannot be said about picking the ones you like best. Know what you need, and understand what you want, and you’ll be sure to find a perfect solution for your home.

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