January 24, 2022
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Great Reasons to Live in a Retirement Village – Lifestyle, Community & Security

Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide
Whilst the decision to move into a retirement village is a deeply personal one, and unique to each individual, the main deciding factors that residents put forward are security and...

Features and Facilities to Consider in Choosing a Retirement Village

What security does the village offer? Security arrangement for periods when you are absent such as a trip overseas The availability of emergency call systems Domestic assistance Personal care assistance Home maintenance Home modification...

Plan Now and Increase your Retirement Savings

Intelligent financial planning can contribute to financial freedom in a myriad of ways depending on one’s objectives, income, age, marital status, health, financial position and many other factors. In this...

The Future for Retirement Villages in Queensland

In 1989, there were only 600 retirement villages in Australia. Most were owned and operated by the not for profit sector, including churches, building societies and friendly societies. Today the...

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