January 17, 2022
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The Changing Face of Cinema

audrey-hepburn-kitten-heelThe cinema has grown exponentially since its birth in 1800. Yes, 1800. Movies have been around for not just decades, but centuries and the development of motion pictures have driven an unprecedented technological evolution. Humans love stories and our curiosity and inventiveness have inspired filmmakers to practice and pursue more complex, more culturally relevant stories.

There have been films that define their genre since Hollywood began paving the way for mega-motion  pictures. Titles such as Casablanca and Gone with The Wind may have inspired themes of romance and drama for their time, but the current generation feels the same sweeping awe for titles such as The Notebook and Fifty Shades of Grey. Lawrence of Arabia has become Tomb Raider and every superhero that ever graced the silver screen has received a face-lift and a reboot. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Captain America, Thor, even Ant-Man.

All of these evolutions, re-evolutions, and refreshers take the hand of societal attitudes and proximity. The motion of the times influences film and film, in turn, influences the motion. This ties in with quality, and as the films get better so does the expectation for greater effects, more complex characters, and deeper plotlines.  The technological evolution of cinematography has given filmmakers the power to delve into new social boundaries with greater effect. It by no means implies that the classics are any lesser, just that the accessibility to social media and more groundbreaking technology has changed. logo_event_cinemas

Check out your nearest Event Cinemas location for classic movie days, or pop in and see something made for this year. Either way, what you choose to watch now will influence whatever you watch next.


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