May 28, 2022
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Leave A Legacy & Help Make Social Change

Australians are very caring people and give generously during their lifetime to their favourite charities. But many have not considered continuing that support by also including a gift in their Wills as a longer-lasting legacy.

During ‘Include a Charity Week” (7-13 September), more than 80 charities have united to encourage gifting in Wills.

Charities Working Together

Together, they are working to do what no single charity can achieve on its own: change the way Australians think about including charities in their Will. Since “Include a Charity Week” started in 2011 it has made a real impact and at present 11 per cent of those over 55 with wills, intend to leave a gift to charity. They are leaving a legacy that will keep helping their favourite causes long after they themselves cannot.

According to Helen Merrick, Include A Charity Director, “We’re delighted there’s a trend towards a consideration of gifts in Wills.”

“However, not everyone knows this is an option, or they think they have to be wealthy to do this. But all charitable gifts, large or small, make a difference.”

“This is a great option to consider that has a huge benefit to the community and allows people to leave their mark on the world.”

Gabriel Farago is leaving a gift in his Will to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Wanting To Give Back

Gabriel Farago, a Sydney writer, agrees. “I wanted to give back to a country and city that was incredibly welcoming to me,” he says of his charitable gift to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Gabriel came to Australia from Austria as a teenager and later became a criminal barrister and author of thrillers. When he retired, he and his wife Joan, gave considerable thought about what to do with the assets accumulated after a 35-year career in the law. They both agreed that leaving their lifetime’s efforts to an important charity was a great idea.

“What could possibly be more important than supporting cutting-edge medical research which will benefit generations to come?” said Gabriel.

In fact, Gabriel likes his chosen cause so much, he has even written two medical thrillers, The Hidden Genes of Professor K, and Professor K. The Final Quest, which are dedicated to the Garvan Institute.

Have YOU written your will? Consider Including a Charity and leave a gift through which you can keep changing the world for years into the future.

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