January 23, 2022
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Foods For Your Psychological Health

To me, having good psychology means having a great memory, the ability to think clearly and make decisions wisely and effortlessly, balanced moods, being quick to laugh, and not reacting to situations based on your past bad experiences. If you have all five of these, others will see you as charming, wise and fun, and will come to you for advice with great respect.


What I’ve seen over the years is that ageing gracefully is a lot easier if you take care of some fundamental health issues via diet. The psychological health follows without a lot of effort. Below is a list of my top five things to do to ensure your graceful ageing:

1. Eat enough protein


To feel calm, secure, and happy, you need neurotransmitters. Your brain benefits greatly from a higher protein diet, as neurotransmitters are made from the protein. The best protein foods are the same as when you grew up – animal proteins. But do make them clean sources – such as grass-fed beef and lamb, free-range chickens and turkey, eggs, and some A2 dairy sources.

2. Eat a serving of fermented foods daily.

healthYoghurt, kefir milk, kimchee, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods reset many metabolic functions in your body. Scientists have now linked helpful bacteria called probiotics to brain health and memory, good moods, less anxiety, the prevention of diarrhoea and other diseases, and a longer lifespan.

3. Drink plenty of fluids.

How much fluid you drink affects your bowel movements, which then affects how you think and feel psychologically for the day. The meanest people in the world are those who are constipated! They feel miserable – and rightfully so! Here’s a useful tip: drink 1-2 quarts water (adding flavour is okay) in the first 40 minutes of your day. Amazing positive changes happen to your bowel movements and you will literally jump for joy each morning!

4. Increase your vegetable servings.

Eating two serves of vegetables daily now? That’s a great start but consider this: if you triple that to make six, you will notice a greater sense of wellness and feel you are mentally stable. It will take about a month but benefits will come.

Want faster results? Eat 10 serves vegetables per day (1-quart salad daily with 8 ounces vegetable juice) and you’ll feel psychologically grounded in three days.

5. Get enough silica to rebuild your body.

healthPain can drive anyone to the brink of not wanting to live. Avoid this by healing all the connective tissue in your body – bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, lungs, heart, blood vessels, and all organs – with dietary silica. It’s a missing nutrient from the soil. One heaping tablespoon twice daily of diatomaceous earth (DE) could start a revolution of anti-ageing effects among you and all your friends. You’ll see how this one nutrient adds youth to your skin without plastic surgery, gives you a new spring to your step because of less body pain, and even promotes the growth of new hair. DE is the single most important and most effective supplement for everyone over the age of 40! What’s available to you right now is good food you can consume. Make it a priority and help keep away those psychologically down days.

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