May 28, 2022
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In Self-Isolation? How to Keep Occupied

With older Australians being the most at-risk from the effects of the Coronavirus, many of us could well be in self-isolation at some stage. What do you do when you are at home, away from people, and cannot go about your usual routine?

Here’s a list of interesting things to do that can keep you occupied while you are in self-isolation mode.

Social Media, TV & Streaming Services

Luckily, the digital world allows us to keep engaged with our friends and loved ones through social media and entertainment channels.

Do you have a list of movies you have always wanted to catch-up on but haven’t had the time due to your daily schedule? This period of self-isolation is a great time to watch some interesting shows and movies during the day.

With the technology available to us today, you can keep in touch with your friends and family through your social media accounts and mobile phones to make up for the lack of in-person socialising.

Mind Games

We all have a limit as to how long we can be passive, possibly watching TV and streaming services. But sooner or later, the mind demands more active stimulation. How about using your mobile phone to play a couple of mind games to keep your mind interested and active?

Simply Google ‘Mind Games’ to find a whole variety of games such as crosswords, sudoku, word searches and so on, with varying degrees of difficulty.

Looking for even more of a challenge? There are some online services which now allow you to build your own puzzles, jigsaws and the like.

Exercise & Meditate

Most gyms in the country have shut their doors to prevent social gatherings. But, that shouldn’t stop you from exercising. You can follow YouTube videos of instructors who are live-streaming their classes. If you wish to meditate, this is a great time to do so!

Get Educated & Educate Others

Do the courses online that you never had time to do, but always felt like you should. Learn new skills or do an online language course. Thousands are available.

If you have a skill or experience that you can share with others, this could be the time to put your knowledge to use and develop an online course of your own.

Arts & Crafts

With the amount of time spent at home, it may be a great idea to pursue a hobby. How about getting all of those art and craft materials out that have been at the bottom of some drawer, and make something creative and fun during your time of self-isolation?

Home Repairs

Unless very urgent, we tend to put-off home repairs for a long time. If you have been doing so, grab those tools and get those home repairs sorted out while you are at home for a few days.



As we go about our lives, we rarely slot in time to declutter and organise our shelves, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards etc. With so much time on your hands now, you can begin to do a room-wise decluttering. Keep what you need and segregate what you don’t! Let’s get into the Marie Kondo spirit!

Exploring New Recipes

aged care

If you love cooking and wish to learn a few recipes to feed your family, this may be a good time to do so. Not only are you and your family at home, but you’ve got lots of time too! Get out those cookbooks and online recipes and don your chef’s hat to explore new recipes for you and your loved ones!


The global situation is grim, but being self-isolated has its plus points! You get to stay at home longer, do things you’ve been wanting to do but couldn’t due to your daily routine and lead a normal life indoors! If you have more ideas to share with us and the community, do write to us!

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