May 28, 2022
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Is Gardening Good for You?

Gardening is not just fun but also supremely satisfying! Investing your time in gardening will not just give you a dream garden but tremendous health benefits as well. Here’s how…

Stress Relief

When you are with your plants, sowing, watering and nourishing those green babies, your body releases endorphins popularly known as ‘the happy hormones’. The entire process requires focus and attention thus keeping your mind in the present. In combination, this means that gardening lifts your mood and helps your mind to stay away from the negative thoughts of the past and anxiety about the future result – Less Stress!

Helps Burn Calories and Stay Active

A good one- or two-hour gardening session may involve walking around the yard a few times, many up and down movements, watering the plants, digging and shovelling, making and spreading the compost and fertilisers. So gardening three to four times a week keeps you active and can help burn those calories, manage your weight and help you stay fit. So if you invest your time in growing your greens, you certainly are investing in good health.

Keeps your Mind Active

Gardening also keeps your mind active. Taking care and growing vegetable and fruit is not easy. It requires a lot of nurturing and a management plan. You need to remember to water them daily, feed them with compost and fertilisers at particular times, and protect them from the birds, insects and stray animals along with monitoring their growth and pruning. Spending time with the plants is also known to boost the mood and keep you lively.

Mental Health and Anger Management

Studies have shown that people who get involved in gardening and spend a few hours with their plants regularly are less likely to have depression. Feelings of sadness and gloominess tend to decrease drastically as you start to engage more and more with the plants. When you are growing plants, you are growing ‘life’. Living with plants is a beautiful experience. It keeps your mind engaged in a positive activity. Tasks, like digging and pulling out weeds, are known to help anger management. When your mind is engaged in such productive activity, distortions like anger start to gradually fade away.

Healthy Eating

As your fruits and vegetables start to bloom, they will serve your healthy eating needs – and they will be organic. The benefits of healthy eating are immense. It offers the gift of good physical and mental health.

That’s a pretty good shout out for gardening – it keeps you physically active and healthy, it has a positive impact on your mental health and contributes to your healthy eating as well.

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