May 28, 2022
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Port Stephens: Truly Unique

Port Stephens has 26 golden beaches, a bay more than twice the size of Sydney Harbour, and many beautiful inlets.


Protected by the enveloping arms of the bay, there are calm, safe beaches such as Fingal and Shoal Bay that are tailored for family fun. Head outside the shelter of the bay and you’ll find wonders such as One Mile Beach with its rolling surf.

Further south is Stockton Beach and Australia’s largest coastal dune system, stretching for more than 30 kilometres to the northern outskirts of Newcastle. Each of these beaches has something that sets it apart – whether it’s a thrilling, fast-paced quad bike safari across Stockton Dunes, or a hike to the top of Yacaaba, the volcanic headlands at the northern approaches to Port Stephens.

Water Sports

Enjoy year-round water sports at Port Stephens – diving and snorkelling, swimming and surfing, sailing and ferry rides. Other things to do include quad-biking and sand-boarding at Stockton Sand Dunes and horse-riding through the bush or surf, from Anna Bay, Williamtown, and Salt Ash.


The waterways of Port Stephens are two times the size of Sydney Harbour. It’s an area of outstanding natural diversity comprised of a marine park, national parks, and countless reserves open year-round. Port Stephens is home to pods of bottlenose dolphins, a lively koala habitat, little penguin breeding colony, and a rich array of natural wildlife.

Discover the underwater world of sea caves, sponge gardens, and shipwrecks by snorkelling or diving at Fly Point Park, located on the headland between Nelson Bay and Little Beach. Walk to the top of the Tomaree Headland Lookout. It’s a 30-minute walk to the top to enjoy striking views of Port Stephens and its offshore islands.

Dining Options

It’s well known that Port Stephens offers delicious freshly caught seafood, but the rich soils also produce macadamias, avocadoes and grapevines. From Corlette to Nelson Bay and Shoal Bay, you can sample the finest local fare in a variety of settings, including cafes, pizzerias, bistros and restaurants.

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