January 19, 2022
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Real Benefits of the Residential Lift

Choosing to remain in your own home can be comforting, secure, and what you truly desire, but what if there are features that are making your life difficult? Perhaps the stairs are too taxing on your knees. If you are affectedby this or others, an in-home elevator may be the right choice for you.

The Residential lift can be installed in almost any two-storey home with little to no disruption. Installation and servicing can be done with less time and effort than you would imagine. While there is the initial financial lay-out, you will end up saving stress and money, with average stamp duty and legal fees for a $500,000 home sale, costing more than a wheelchair lift.


No part of your home should be out of limits to you. You may be wheelchair-bound, have an injury, or perhaps hiking laundry or groceries up the stairs and it is becoming too tiring and taxing on your legs. Whatever your reason, the residential lift is spacious and allows you to continue to look after you and your beloved home.

Lift Options
Gone are the days when elevators were dull and boring industrial-looking contraptions. You can now express your personality through the styling of your elevator. Two of the main models available include the two-person, 200kg variety, and the wheelchair variety that is capable of carrying up to 250kg.

Safety Features
Many accidents happen within the home, and stairs can be the cause. Bypass this entirely with the residential lift. Running off a standard 10A powerpoint, they have in-built battery back-up systems in case of power failure, and a plethora of other safety features.

“Whatever your reason, the residential lift is spacious and allows you to continue to look after you and your beloved home.”


While the benefits for your lifestyle are many, you can rest assured that by adding to your home, you will add to its value. With designs that look as great as they work, it will always be a popular selling point.

An elevator is a great way to upgrade your home and keep you safe and mobile. No part of your home should be off-limits, and with providers all over the country, your home is one step away from being fully accessible to you. This great product is easy to use, so the only question is: What are you waiting for?

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