October 19, 2021
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Top Seven Travel Tips

Ready to jet off, float away, or hit the road? Regardless of where or how you’re travelling, there are things you can do to ensure a successful trip.
Find our Top 7 Tips for easy, safe travel below!

seniors-driving-convertible1) Keep Copies

Always carry a copy of your passport and ticket information! Scan it, print it and pack it in your carry-on as well as in your luggage. That way, you’re prepared for any eventuality. It is also a great idea to print a copy of your full itinerary for your family, that way they know where you’re staying and what days you’re travelling. If anything happens, be it on the world stage or within a personal sphere, it can offer great peace of mind to those you care about.

2) Get Stretchy

Sitting for a while? Be sure to drink a lot of water and give yourself 10 minutes to stretch before and after your journey. Your body will thank you for it! Be sure to start gently, especially during a long trip. You want to ensure your muscles and joints are well looked after, and that includes ensuring you don’t accidentally hurt yourself with a little bit of yoga.

3) Scent for Sense

Buy a fragrance atomiser from the chemist – you can fill it with your favorite perfume or cologne to spritz on the go, and it’s airport safe! This way, you have your own scent and the smell of home with you wherever you go. It’s great for the senses, can help keep you calm in moments of anxiety, and keeps you feeling and smelling fresh.

4) Prepare your Pills

A hand luggage essential is medication. Be sure you have access to 48hours worth of medication when travelling. It never hurts to be prepared. Be sure that you have visited your doctor before you leave to ensure that you have the prescriptions and paperwork for any medications that may require it, especially if you have to carry large volumes.

5) Fabulous Footwearairplane

If there is one thing that makes travelling difficult, it is painful feet. When you pack your shoes for the trip, be sure that you have footwear that is well worn and comfortable. The time to break shoes in is not on the road, and blisters, bruises, and pinched toes are not part of the journey. Consider what you want to wear, be it on the plane, in a car, on a bus, or on foot. However, don’t discard nice shoes. You should always have something a little fancy…just in case.

6) Check in on Facebook

This may seem a bit unorthodox, but having a Facebook account could help with your safety while you’re away. Facebook has a system in place that helps you ‘check in’ if there are any dangers in your location. For example, during the 2015 Bataclan attacks in Paris, those who were in the city could check themselves as ‘safe’, this letting friends and family know that they had not been harmed in the attacks. This feature has been implemented for natural disasters, political events, and other scenarios whereby family and friends will want to contact a loved one but are unable to. You may not be able to get a call out due to a disaster, but you may be able to log into Facebook for 5 minutes and check in as safe. It’ll help you help those who love you if the worst does happen.

cruise37)Don’t Buy Travel-Sized

Don’t buy travel-sized products. The tiny little versions of our favorite shampoos, soaps, and cleansers are cute, but they are not very cost effective. Instead of buying lots of little bottles that you’ll throw away, buy a special travel kit of empty bottles. They’re under $10 from any major department store, pharmacy, or dollar shop. Just fill them with your favourite products, the ones you already have at home, and pack them in your bag! No need to buy what you already own. Plus, you can bring the bottles back and use them again on future adventures. Just wash them out and pop them in your bath bag for next time!

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