January 28, 2022
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What Size Of Caravan is Right For You?

In deciding how big a caravan you want, you should take a few factors into account.

First the number and age of the people who are likely to be going on your caravan trips. Obviously, the more accompanying kids you have the larger a space you will need. Remember, however, that numbers may change over the years as teenage kids move on to university or into homes of their own.


Second, think about why you are buying the caravan in terms of what type of trips you plan to make.

Is it a year long whole-of-Australia road adventure or is it occasional weekend trips you will be making. The longer your trips are likely to be the larger the caravan you want; because you will need more storage and amenities.

Also keep in mind the sort of terrain you will be driving over, the larger caravans will prove very

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