January 28, 2022
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Workout For Seniors At Home

This is a workout for seniors to do at home. I’ve had the request many times now in the comments section for a beginner workout routine for seniors and older adults. Well, not only is this routine ideal for those older individuals, but it’s also perfect for any untrained individual who’s looking for an easy workout routine to start with and gently ease into the discipline of regular fitness. This workout program entails 5 days per week of moderate intensity aerobic exercise (cardio) along with minimally 2 days per week of a simple resistance training program. The resistance training does not require any weights. You can do all the exercises with only your bodyweight and gravity. The five resistance exercises I demonstrate in this video are: • quadruped limb raises (core) • wall push ups (pushing) • let me ins (pulling) • good mornings (posterior chain) • squats (lower body)

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